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Sleeping Beauty

Režisierius: Clyde Geronimi
Premjera: 1959
Įgarsinimas: Lietuvių k.
Trukmė: 75 min.
Imdb įvertinimas: / 10 (Balsų: )
The King and Queen have long awaited a child, finally their wish is granted when Aurora is born. All gather for a celebration of this new child. Many fairy's, people had come from far and away. But one uninvited guest had different plans for the occasion. Maleficent puts a curse of the princess for her 16th birthday. The king and queen fear for their child's life, and put her in the hands of three good fairy's. The little princess grows up hidden away from the world, but does not know of her fate that was bestowed upon her. Upon her 16th birthday , she meets and falls in love with a handsome stranger, then learns of her family, and all seems lost to her.
(1 balsas)


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